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Amoxicillin Capsules
  • Cipmox 500mg tablet is a prescription product. It is an antibiotic.
  • Moreover, Cipmox 500mg is useful for curing a broad range of infection caused by bacteria.
  • However, infections can be in the urinary tract, skin, sinuses, middle ear, airways, and lungs.
  • Moreover, Cipmox 500mg is not useful for curing flu, common cold, and other viral infections.
  • Besides, it cannot treat effectively these infections.
  • However, doctors prescribe it as a combination therapy part.
  • Therefore, it suggests that you require using it with other drugs.
  • This oral pill is available as an IR or immediate-release pill.
  • It also comes as an ER or extended-release pill and a chewable pill.
  • IR and chewable pills are present as generic medicines only.
  • Cipmox 500mg is present in the form of ER too. It is available also in the form of capsule and suspension.
  • However, all forms of Cipmox 500mg need use by mouth only.


The way Cipmox 500mg acts

  • This tablet works as an antibiotic.
  • Moreover, Cipmox 500mg attacks and kills bacteria.
  • However, it stops them from making the cell wall.
  • The cell wall is the protective covering that is necessary for their survival
  • However, the unavailability of the protective covering exposes them to the effects of Cipmox 500mg.
  • Therefore, it easily kills them.


Amoxicillin Capsules

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